Today, almost every household is connected to electricity. In the case of a power blackout, most activities in homes come to a standstill because most gadgets depend on electricity to operate. Offices cannot also run without power. Clients will not be attended to in offices because everything is computerized; hence, nothing will go on in the absence of power. Possible results when there is a power outage include the following.


This is the most likely occurrence for business offices. When the power cuts out, Wi-Fi networks consequently go off. Office computers also shut down since they depend on a direct source of power to function. This means that no transactions can take place, and therefore it becomes a setback for the business. Laptops can act as a backup since they have battery power, but still, there won’t be a Wi-Fi connection to conduct online services. Head offices often have a backup source of power, such as generators, which are useful at such times.

Damaged Equipment

Electrical appliances are delicate, especially in times when there is no consistency in the power supply. When the power goes on and off continuously, the likely outcome is that certain appliances will fail. To prevent this scenario, there are devices referred to as guards that are meant to prevent the appliances from breaking down. If a machine such as a refrigerator fails at home, foods kept there will go bad.

Disruption of Usual Activities

Normal activities that people are involved in are deterred in the case of power loss. When it is dark, and lights go off, you can do absolutely nothing in the dark. Also, if you are using an electrical gadget during the day, you will be forced to stop. Things such as gaming at online casinos and using social media platforms cannot take place without power. If you are using a gadget such as a tablet or a smartphone, you can go on with your favourite activity like playing on the Mobile Unibet site, provided it has enough power to keep you going during the period there is no electricity.


Insecurity is a direct consequence of power loss. Security alarms depend on the power to function. Also, CCTV cameras need the power to record footage. Burglars can take advantage of these power outages since they are not being recorded. Insiders with bad intentions are also dangerous at such times. This applies to both homes and offices.

No Communications

Communication devices in homes and offices all depend on electricity. Power loss will deter communications; therefore, nothing will go smoothly. Different departments in an office will not communicate with each other hence no instructions can be passed on.

Data Loss

If you were working on something on an electronic gadget and the power goes off, chances are that the data will be lost are very high. If it is crucial office data, the business will be affected negatively. If in case you were gaming at home and you had reached a high level without saving, the data will be lost, and you have to start all over again when the power is back.